No "Collab Settings" available for Owners

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If a 'normal' user in a non-moderator and non-admin group adds a new Collab, he becomes an owner of the new added Collab and has a permission to edit the Collab settings.

The settings on the ACP "Restrict Owner Permissions" is ON (True).

On an unknown reason, this permission to edit the Collab settings will be disappeared just after several minutes! :o 

If I sign as Administrator and allow to the Collab's owner only the edition of the Collab settings, he won't see anything in the Collab management menu:


If I manually input the editing link (.../index.php?/gc/3-test/&do=edit), the error will appear:


Although, the settings for his Role allow the collab leader to edit the Collab Settings:


If I try to enable ALL permissions for the owner's Role (all to "ON"), the "Collab settings" still won't be shown within the Collab management options :( 


Only if the ACP setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is set to "OFF", the owner has all the settings in the menu available.

I have tested GC version 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 on my localhost, and I wonder why no other users reported this issue, so please help to check it, @Kevin Carwile, is this my local problem or that's a bug?

Thank you,

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On 4/24/2018 at 4:33 AM, Kevin Carwile said:

You have to set the role inside the collab to be the default owner role in order for the owner to automatically inherit the permissions.

After months of investigation, hard checking, hundreds of testing, I finally found the reason, why the "Collab Settings" wasn't available for the collab owners by any circumstances! (except for the situation, when the setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is OFF.)

When a collab owner is in a group, which has the limited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settins" will be available for this owner only for the limited time!

Once this user has a group with the unlimited Edit time restriction, the "Collab settings” will be ALWAYS available, no matter if the Role inside the collab is set to the "default owner role" or not!


In my opinion, this way is not a correct way of collabs working. The "Collab settings” should not be depending on this group setting, Kevin. That's why I'm pretty sure this issue might be considered as a bug. :( 

These are three steps for you to reproduce the bug:

1) The ACP setting "Restrict Owner Permissions" is set to ON;

2) Take one user in a group with the Edit time restriction equal to 1 minute. Let him create a new collab (for becoming an owner). After creating, make sure, that the user (owner) has the "Collab Settings" button in the "Collab management".

3) That's it! Just refresh the collab page in two minutes and you will see, that the "Collab settings" button for that user disappeared!

As you see, there are even no steps for creating a role for this user! Adding an *unlimited* role to that owner is optional, because the bug is not in the roles.

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The purpose of the "Restrict Owner Permissions" is to allow all natural IPS core restrictions to apply to the owner. Its basically a pass through. That means it includes the post edit time restriction and/or any other current or future restriction modifications that are part of IPS core or another third party application for that matter.

I'm not picking and choosing which restrictions to apply from core. That would create a nightmare of code to maintain. You'll need to figure out the best configuration that works for you between the two.

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