The transaction would drop the debited balance below the minimum allowed amount.

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We are having trouble with check out. This has been tested and has worked in the past but is not working.

Customer has 20 social coins to spend

Product is $20.

Points Exchange Rate is 1.0

Social coins payment method is ON for this product.

Customer tries to check out - gets error message "the transaction would drop the debited balance below the allowed amount" - what do we need to do to resolve?


2. Is there a way to display how much someone has in their account so they could make a conscious choice during check out?







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The points cannot be pulled from random banks to make a payment. Only points in the "Spending Account" can be spent. This is because Banks have all kinds of policies that can be applied to them such as holding periods, minimum balances, transfer restrictions, interest rates, conversion restrictions etc. How do you pick and choose where the points are supposed to be spent from? You leave it to the user to decide.

Since the points are in a bank and not the spending account, there is technically 0 points available for spending. They must first be transferred to the spending account to be used on a purchase.

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So we tried that first - the points were in the spending account and the same error message was happening.

I am going to try right now to put 20 in each of the accounts and see what happens.

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What you need to do first is to fix your theme according to this procedure:

After that, you need to update your commerce payment method again and re-set the conversion rate for your points payment method. If it is set to a decimal value such as 1.00001, then can cause the conversion calculation for how many points are needed for a transaction to be slightly more than what the users has if they have the exact amount of points needed to purchase the product.

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