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As I am switching from Tutorials app to Pages database I need to 301 redirect something like 400 urls.

This app looked perfect for the task, but as I am trying the Lite version I cannot figure the proper way to do it. As far as I understand, this app takes one url and replaces all links to it within the IPS suite to another url. But what if I need to take the original URL offline? Will google be able to figure the redirect out or this is just for internal purposes? I believe I am also having problems understanding what is path alias and what mapped url...

A practical example:

Original url: https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/
Target url: https://site.com/tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id

What should be my path alias and mapped URLs? What would happen if "Original URL" is no longer available?

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The alias is the new url that you want the resource to be available on:

i.e: /tutorials/category/subcategory/title-id

The mapped url is the original url to the resource that you would like to alias with the new url.

i.e https://site.com/tutorials/article/id-title/

This application only aliases existing resources/pages on your site with new urls. It is not a 301 redirect solution for urls that aren't a valid IPS4 resource.

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So to do 301 redirect via this app I should have both resources online and available, is this correct? Kinda missing the point in this case, as the idea of 301 redirect is when you don't have the original online.

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6 hours ago, Kevin Carwile said:

Whats so difficult about this?

You would think it is not that difficult, yeah. I think I found the problem. As I have non latin characters in my url, they are encoded with % followed by symbols. So this is my path url:


But the app converts it to:


i.e. ,the % sign is removed from the url, thus I am mapping to a totally different url and thats why it doesn't seem to work. Is this a bug or there is no way for the app to support non english url's and paths?

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