Limit the accessible currency when paying with points

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I want people to be able to buy both with real currency and with points. There is however a problem with the current implementation, which I believe is mostly caused by the way IPS handles things, but maybe you can give an advice. 

If I create a product with USD pricing and set the payment methods to both Paypal and Points, I see the pricing in $, but not in points. Sure, members can pay with points, but they don't know the exchange rate and it is not possible to see the price with points anywhere before clicking the pay now button. This makes it a bit confusing and not very user friendly. Right now the only way I can make this more user friendly is if I add a static pages block with information about the exchange rate of usd<->points, so that people can calculate manually what will be the price in points if they want to pay this way. This solution kinda makes me cringe...

Another option is two create two currencies, lets say USD and some obscure currency. The second currency can be used to show the price in points with exchange rate of 1:1. The problem then is that points are still available also when the selected currency is USD, which can again make it confusing. 

So my suggestion is to have the option to select the currencies on which you can use points. This way I can say that when pricing is with USD, payment with points is not available. Right now we are forced to include point exchange rate for all chosen currencies. 

I think the issue mainly lies with the fact that there is no way to select which currencies are applicable to which payment method, which is a terrible oversight by IPS. I can imagine many people want to split different currencies in to different payment gateways, where the fees might be good for USD and bad for EURO and vice versa. 

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The other problem here is that it is not possible to add a non real world currency to ips commerce to use for product pricing. So "points" is not actually even a currency that can technically be used with commerce. The fact that you can use points as a checkout method is a technical feat in itself. There is not much else that the points app can do for you here.

The easiest solution is to simply do the math yourself and put the points cost in the product description for products that the points checkout method can be used for.

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