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Remove IPS4 Core FURL Slashes - How to redirect?

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Hello! I have installed free version of your application and have two questions.

The most important feature for me is 'Remove IPS4 Core FURL Slashes' setting. Is it possible to force redirect old links (with trailing slashes) to new links (without trailing slashes). Because now all page are accessible by two different URLs (with and without slashes) that is not good for SEO. If that is not possible, can you please consider add this feature in the next version?

This setting ('Remove IPS4 Core FURL Slashes') doesn't work for some items in menu manager. For example, it has no affect to menu item linked to pages in Pages app.

Thank you Kevin in advance!

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Actually, there are many ways to access the same page on most (including IPS4) sites. You could append arbitrary url parameters to the page and it will still load, which is technically a duplicate page. Fortunately, search engines are smart enough to know this and will only pick the most relevant one to index, which is typically the one that is linked to on your site prominently. Which in the case of Path Aliases, will be the one without the trailing slash.

As for automatically redirecting urls that end with a trailing slash, I'm not opposed to the idea, but there are some complexities there that could end up causing more trouble than its worth if used on a wide scale. So with the negligible risk involved with being able to access a page in more than one way, it may be best if this kind of situation is dealt with on a case by case basis using server side rewrite rules.

I'm not exactly clear on the pages menu links you are referring to, or what the circumstances are where they are not rewritten to their aliases, but I'm going to guess that it is possible due to the url not being ran through the core api, or the path in the url not matching with the alias parameters. I'd have to look at a specific example to put my finger on it.

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