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The CSRF protection key did not match

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Don't worry guys, luckily this current issue is easy to fix! 

The only thing we need to do, is to add these lines into all php files in the "modules" folder of any Kevin's application, so it will start working again:

	 * @brief	Has been CSRF-protected
	public static $csrfProtected = TRUE;

The lines should be added inside the first "class" section, lets see it on an picture below:


On the left side is a new view, after the changes has been made, on the right side - is it was before (originally). 

This changes has to be made in the files, because it is a new IPS developers' requirement regarding the security.

@Bluto  @Dan @liquidfractal @pixeldude @xSeq2 @Zayon 

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Hi, thankyou very much for that tip. Just a question : it should be done on the module files before installation or on the IPS files once installed ?

(of course, mine is already installed, but I wonder if I need to modify and install it again or just modify the already installed thing)

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You can modify those files directly on your server (just edit the already installed files).

On my live test board I did an update through the application page (meaning that first I modified the necessary files in the .tar archive of the Rules application).

But on my main board I am going to modify the files on the server, since I got some other small custom modifications on the Rules.


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