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I need help with the next thing:
I want that in the specific subforum, a created topic, at the end of the event, that plugin sets the topic's Prefix (Not Tag), into something that I choose.
So, let's say this as an example, a user completes a form, that application-form posts the topic inside the Design Requests forum, but there needs to be an "In Waiting" prefix added already to the topic, is this possible? 
I tested it with the tag, that works, but I need just the prefix, not the tag, I don't use tags there, I will show you what I mean.


That is what I wanna do, I use only Prefixes without tags on this zone.

There is the overview of the current rule.

Rule: Add to In Asteptare
    Event: Topic has been created
        Topic is in certain forums (Topic inside Cereri Lucrari)
        Modify content tags (Add In Asteptare for a Topic)


Please help me out with this, this could be a massive changer for my community, because we have a lot of forms what we are in plan but we need this rule to work.

Thanks in Advance - Zayon

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We don't have such an action like "Modify content prefixes" within the Rules actions :( So the only way to accomplish your needs would be using an "Execute PHP code" as an Action, where you will need to find a right php code, which will correctly set the necessary prefixes...

But what a code would it be, I don't know at all :( 

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@alexis - Thanks for the answer, but

Maybe if you see inside the plugin's structure, could you somehow figure it out? Just because I don't know that much PHP so I don't really know what code to extract/transform.

Thanks in Advance - Zayon

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