Action "Create new event" is broken

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I've tested on several rule events, and unfortunately found out, that the Content Calendar action "Create new event" doesn't work properly. In the rule debug logs it says, that the action is evaluated, and there is even a successful result "content created". But in fact, there are no Events have been created at all :(

When testing, I've added several tags to the Event in the action settings


, and the system logs started to show the following error:


The error happens when visiting the event author profile or "All activity" page.

And there are still no events in Calendar created by this action :( 

 @Kevin Carwile , could you please confirm, if that's a bug or not, and kindly fix it, if it is a bug? And please do not forget to fix that long-time bug in the Path alias:


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I've checked with the database by command 'SELECT * FROM calendar_events' , and found the events inside! They are just not shown on the community! The difference between them and other, *normal* events, created manually, is the "event_start_date"-column, which is always "0000-00-00 00:00:00" by the Rules created events.

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