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I made a rule, I tested it and it worked, but I want to add a condition to that rule, I want to check if a member was registered until 28th October 2019, because that's the date when I wanted the users to receive the Halloween 2019 award from my community, and now that I finally get the automation rules (full), I want to automate it, I tested the rule and works fine, gives the award but gives it to all the members, not only for those who had an account on that specific date.

In other words, if a guy has an account until 28th October 2019, then he gets the award but if the account was created after that date, the users are not getting the award.

Thanks in Advance - Zayon

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@alexis - Sorry for being damn late, but the thing worked, only one thing that I can't figure it out is how the rule works when you schedule it, because if I set it to 100, it is very slow and if I set it to 1000 it is very fast but not everyone gets the awards, it's like skipping users without any error/reasons.

if you know by any chance how the schedule really works, let me know, please.

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I have several recurring scheduled actions on my board. One of them runs everyday with a bulk of 1000 members. And it works fine every night without skipping anyone or being stuck. The second one runs on a weekly basis each Friday afternoon, and it has 500 members in a bulk. And this action often stops running without any reason. So I had to increase the number of members to 1000 too. So both of them run faster now and without stopping.

Probably the problems happen because of the high activity level on my board in the day time, so the high server load bothers my action to run successfully until the end. So I can suggest you to try to run your scheduled actions in the deep night or early morning.

Another suggestion would be trying to assign some of your rules to another scheduled action, rather then running them under one scheduled action. - divide your rules into two scheduled action and run them one by one. (For example, start one scheduled action at 4.00 AM and the next one at 9.00 AM).

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