The following api method can be used to obtain the net worth value of a member for a particular currency. Get A Member's Net Worth class \IPS\points\Currency /** * Get net worth as of a certain date/time * * @param \IPS\DateTime $date The date/time to retrieve the balance for * @param \IPS\Member $member The member to retrieve the balance for * @return int|float */ public function netWorthAsOf( \IPS\DateTime $date=NULL, \IPS\Member $member=NULL ); Example: /* Load a currency */ $currency = \IPS\points\Currency::load( 1 ); /* Load a member */ $member = \IPS\Member::load( 1 ); /* Get the current net worth of the member for the currency */ $worth = $currency->netWorthAsOf( new \IPS\DateTime( 'now' ), $member );