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  2. Kevin Carwile

    Points, Pages, and Rules - pre-sales question

    Both of those two things are "permissions" problems. Rules isn't designed to enforce permissions, so accomplishing that with rules would be difficult. Rules is great for automating processes and workflows.
  3. I'd like to set up the following system. Is this possible using a combination of the points and rules apps? 1) Author posts an article in pages and requires x number of points for other members to view the "content" field of the article 2) Other members must send the author the requested points before they're able to view the content field. Any help or advice you can offer is appreciated.
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  5. It seems that Date/Time fields are not supported in the pages expansion. I do have a form with a few fields, on which I try to send an email with content on each submit. Date/Time fields are not caught by rules and I cannot use tokens for them.
  6. Unfortunately I still can't use the app
  7. Kevin Carwile

    change in IPS controller leading to error on category?

    This is the first I've heard of it. I'll check it out.
  8. Hi, with IPS 4.4 Beta coming - is it just me or did it break the category view for collabs? I assume there has been a change in the controller? I am not an expert nor am I sure if that is really the reason why collabs are broken in 4.4 for me. Have you already been notified about this? Is there an easy fix?
  9. Alex Wright

    Display Custom Data Field Toggle

    Is there a way to display a custom data field True/False toggle anywhere other than the User Profile edit? Trying to place it into the footer using {$object->data_key}, but it's getting nothing. I'm still quite new to PHP though, so I'm sure I'm going about this wrong.
  10. webmaster-peopleandchat

    Calendar stacking?

    Hey Kevin, any idea how to correct the icons? Don't matter if it push in as you see below or open to full mode. What can i threw in custom.css to correct this?
  11. JoelR

    ECA General Questions

    Thanks It's interesting that you bring that up. I believe that's actually how Trophies & Medals by Fosters works, which is in a background process that runs every 15 minutes. It's also why I don't like his app at all. If you're only rewarding users once a week, then you lose on the immediate gratification. You're rewarding the user when he's long past the point of activity. It's the same as giving a doggy treat to your dog ... a week later.
  12. Kevin Carwile

    ECA General Questions

    Rule sets wont affect your rules. Its just a grouping mechanism. For activity awards, you could do something like create a custom action that processes a user, and then have it run in bulk for all users on a recurring basis (like weekly). That could be an acceptable compromise for performance.
  13. JoelR

    ECA General Questions

    Never mind, I'm starting to remember why I skipped rewards for activity. It's a very computationally expensive counter since it evaluates it on EVERY content update.
  14. JoelR

    ECA General Questions

    Never mind. I'm a dumb dumb. The content count is set during conditions.
  15. JoelR

    ECA General Questions

    Hey Kev, I'm revisiting this app to build out a trophy system, and I have some general questions: 1. Rule Set - I have a collection of rules, but they all run independently of each other to reward trophy icons. I just want to make sure it won't be a problem if I group them together as a rule set. 2. Event for user content count? I checked all of the events and didn't see anything. I'd like to give an award when user content count = X.
  16. Kevin Carwile

    Rule triggering on Report Status Change

    Create a php action on your rule and return the 'changed' array from it. Then turn on debugging for your rule. You can then see what that array contains as far as key/value pairs in your debug logs. That will help you design an appropriate condition.
  17. Hello! I found the topic here: And while the rule works marvelously for any type of Status change on a report, I cannot get this to work with only certain types of report status changes (for instance, Under Review). I have tried using 'review' as the array key, both capitalized and not. This doesn't work for some reason, it's as if the array doesn't recognize it. I'd like one for the Completed type too, if possible. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Any news on this ? For information, I don't know if there is a relationship, but we use Elastic Search for indexing topics on the site ! Thank you
  19. It migrates the social groups data into group collaboration. It was provided for people who upgraded from that app to GC.
  20. Thank you for your reply. what does it do exactly? and how to make it work on my site?
  21. Social Groups was an app for the IPS 3.x platform.
  22. Hello, Do you know what the "Social Groups Importer" tab in the Admin panel > COLLABORATION > Import Tools is for? When I access it, there's no explanation. I just have a message that says: No social groups detected Thanks
  23. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    Schedule the custom action to run one time (not bulk) and it will allow you to input the member to run it for.
  24. Zorro_X

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    interesting : how may I chose by hand a specific member to test/debug the rule ?
  25. Kevin Carwile

    Rules not ruling anymore since V1.4.5 install

    I don't see anything in particular that would be causing a problem with your rule group. I can't see what member groups you have set in your conditions since the member groups from your rule export do not exist on my system, but I would double check that you have your member groups set correctly. Also, this rule group is attached to the custom action which you have created. So that means that it will only run when your custom action is called. I would double check that it is still scheduled as a recurring bulk action and that it has not stalled or been deleted. Finally, if all of that still looks correct, you can turn debugging on for your rule and then inspect the debug logs to see if anything looks off. With debugging turned on for the rule, you can also trigger the rule to run for a member of your choosing by hand and then inspect the log for that and see where it may have gone wrong.
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