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  2. liquidfractal

    CSRF error in IPS 4.5.0

    Yeah, you probably should have waited until a certified 4.5.x-compatible version is released...I assume it will be here? @Kevin Carwile, can you give us information on app compatibility updates?
  3. Hi, I went looking on the invision market place and couldn't find this application any more, I do hope it is not abandoned. We've just upgraded our community to Invision 4.5.0 and attempting to do anything with Points Economy 1.1.2 results in the following error being shown: I've noticed that when adjusting balances, the balance is correctly adjusted despite this error, but it would be nice to have this error resolved.
  4. liquidfractal

    Link to latest version?

    Since this file can no longer be download on the Invision site, @Kevin Carwile can you provide a link to the latest version of the file? Thanks!
  5. Kevin Carwile

    Selling Points

    Only if you create a rule that issues points to someone when a product is purchased.
  6. kenster

    Selling Points

    Is there a way we can sell bundles of points through the native store?
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