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  3. No. It depends on rules to issue points, and the new IPS reputation system introduced in 4.2 is not hookable by rules.
  4. Hello, We're looking for a points system to where community members earn points to doing helpful things (such as answering questions), and can spend points to ask questions. Would this plug-in help with that? Cheers, Bret
  5. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Anything I can do to install this without my default theme being jacked up? Everything seems to install correctly.
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  7. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Glad you were able to figure that out.
  8. Installed App and Now Website Isn't Accessible

    Found the issue, when installing the application screwed up my default theme.
  9. Thanks. We don't own Rules, so I'll work out how to implement two of my own in my own app. I know I could use the free Rules app but I'd rather not force the dependency if I can avoid it. Thanks!
  10. Need help ASAP as I tried installing and now the website can't be accessed. I can only get to the login for the admin, but that is all. How can I manually uninstall?
  11. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    @Kevin Carwile after installing your patch, I continue having the error: It appears each 12 hours, and triggered only by a guest. (Guests are not allowed to use the Points application)。
  12. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    I dont understand what you just said.
  13. REST API to add/remove members from groups?

    No, GC doesnt add any of its own endpoints. But you can easily create one using a rules custom action which then performs a rules action to add a member to a collab.
  14. Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for your response. I have tried to get it working, but I guess I'm not up to par with your level of skills. I can't get it to work. Chris
  15. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Thank you for the patch, @Kevin Carwile, it was a long term error. On my board I still have this error, but now it's triggered a guest (once in every twelve hours), which is the only group do not allowed to use the Points application. The log entry was triggered by a guest Guest The URL of page the error occurred on was Not available Please help to check again, thanks.
  16. I'm working on an external integration with Group Collaboration. Is there a REST API endpoint I can use (with an admin-level token) to add/remove existing website members from a group? I'm full up with other projects right now, so I haven't the time to go read through the code...sorry about that.
  17. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    OK, it appears to have cleared the error. Thanks for the assist!
  18. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    The intent was to throw the exception that the core code was asking for instead of returning the null value. As for what happens when you run the task manually, I don't know what the expected behavior of that is supposed to be.
  19. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    That makes more sense but now I have a question. What was the intent of the new file? I uploaded it on one forum and then ran the balanceupdate task manually from the task list, I got a white screen and when I went back to the task list the balanceupdate task was gone. Was this the intent?
  20. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    My bad. ./applications/points/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php
  21. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    In one of my forums I have Rules installed however there is no "queue" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php In the 2nd forum I do not have Rules installed and there is no "rules" in the file system /applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php Unless your intention is for me to create that structure in each? The ballanceupdate task exists in the task list of both
  22. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Try this patch: ./applications/rules/extensions/core/Queue/BalanceUpdate.php BalanceUpdate.php
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  24. System Errors Running "BalanceUpdate" Task

    Update: I get these same errors even with the app Enabled.
  25. I have 2 licensed copies of this app on 2 different forums and I am having the same problem on both. I first loaded up the app and then disabled it. I am now getting the pictured errors when running the "BalanceUpdate" task. I confirmed this by running the task manually and immediately received the error. Am I doing something wrong? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!
  26. It seems the "drag'n drop problem" has scrambled everything... I'll make a new sandbox "clean" copy, enable the debug mode, and show you what I'm talking about. There is no need to understand the -complex- set of rules already set (french commented), but only the test rule showing the eventual bug I'm talking about. The rule is not "disabled" in the "official way", but it just does not work at all, the same way as it were disabled. I'll came back once I've restored the sandbox copy...
  27. Meta tags for path aliases

    long time ago But that time I was just a "lite"-user of your application, and I didn't report that. But since the last Big Sale I'm the "full"-user, so it's time to report this as well
  28. Your custom action is setup with an argument of type \IPS\membermap\Markers\Markers but it is named user_to_move, which doesn't make sense because the argument is not a user, it is a content item. So my assumption here is that you have a confused set of rules here. I don't see how this is all supposed to work together. I also noticed that you did not have debug mode turned on for that rule, so there are no logs giving any additional insight. You have said that the "entire rule is disabled", but it's clearly not disabled. When a rule is disabled, it is marked as disabled and does not evaluate for the event. In this case, the event you have chosen for the rule in question is when your custom action is triggered. Where is this custom action even being triggered for your rule to evaluate?
  29. Bug when organizing custom actions

    I've sent you a PM video capture of how it happens to me. And here a final screenshot showing that even the new empty custom action has received a field from another one :
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