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Build a better community on IPS4 with Guru Apps.


Group Collaboration

Focused Content Management

Group Collaboration adds new infrastructure to your community that allows you to create "collaborative workspaces" where members of your community can easily come together to create, share, and collaborate on content in group managed environments. A collaboration can be a single member organizing content, or it can be a "team" or "social group" working on a formal project.

Automation Rules

Automated Processes and Workflows

Bridge the gap between multiple applications and create your own custom workflows, processes, and automated actions that tie your community together. Rules allows administrators to define new site features without the need for expensive custom plugin development. Enable or disable your rules as needed, and import/export to share with other communities.

Rules Expansion Packs

Add New Events, Conditions, and Actions


IPS4 Forums Enhancements
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IPS4 Calendar Enhancements
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IPS4 Pages Enhancements
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IPS4 Commerce Enhancements
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Points Economy

Incentives & Rewards System

Engage your community by creating unique digital currencies that members can earn, transfer, save, and spend. Points Economy also includes complete commerce integration so that points can be bought or redeemed for real world value in your online store. With points, there are countless ways to motivate and inspire community contribution.

User Reviews

Words From Real Users

Why is this not an official app for IP Suite 4.0? This is an incredible addition to my website and the moment I installed it, my community was jumping up and down for joy! I have yet to find one bug on this new app and Kevin (the programmer behind this masterpiece) is very easy to get in touch with. 5/5 hands down! Great work!


Ryan Thomas

Collaboration User

An incredibly powerful and robust app which I've only begun to explore the potential of. It may seem like it's for advanced users, but really anyone can use it to automate every day tasks on your forum. The interface is easy to use and the help info provided gets you started quickly. The support is also top-notch. Definitely recommended!



Automation Rules User

This app is absolutely amazing! A flawless install without a single hitch, and it is up an running within 5 minutes. This is exactly what I'm in need of for my gaming community, and I couldn't be happier!



Collaboration User

I am running a community, and so far, this plugin has been so helpful and amazing, especially the integration with Commerce. In other words, 10/10 and totally recommended for gaming communities! Best regards, Hassan


Hassan Jawhar

Points Economy User

Meet The Developers

Thanks for taking the time to explore our work on the IPS4 Community Suite Platform! It's been incredible fun building these apps and we have to give a lot of the credit to the devs' over at IPS for building such an incredible framework that allowed us to do it. If you are a proud leader of an IPS4 community, I hope that you will download, and get as much enjoyment out of these apps as we have had creating them!